New forms now available

New forms are now available! These include the forms used to register, update your details, and file your annual returns with us. We’ve also updated the help text that guides you through the forms, to make them easier to use.

The changes include the new reporting standards set by the External Reporting Board (XRB), changes to the Charities Act 2005, and other changes to improve the information on the register.

The new reporting standards are not mandatory yet, so you’ll be able to choose if the annual return you complete is under the new standards or not. If you use the new standards you are able to use the XRB’s new performance report templates.

For more information head to the New Forms Hub on our website.

Follow these links for general information on registration, updating your details and annual returns.

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Upcoming changes to Open Data (OData)

We are also making adjustments to the OData service. You may notice discrepancies and missing information while we make these changes. We will let you know once we’ve completed the changes to the OData service.

In the mean time you can Search the Register or use the Advanced Search on our website.

If you have any questions about using the forms, or run into any issues when using them, please get in touch with us at