Charities Sector Group

Charities Services’ vision is that our work contributes to a well-governed, transparent and thriving charitable sector with strong public support. We are focussed on being a responsive regulator that understands the sector and how our work impacts on charities. To be able to effectively respond to issues in the sector, Charities Services engages with a range of sector representatives and stakeholders, including the Charities Sector Group.

The Charities Sector Group was started to provide an opportunity for members of the charitable sector to interact directly with Charities Services. The Charities Sector Group and Charities Services discuss priorities, issues and perspectives, with the aim of strengthening the collective understanding of the charitable sector and Charities Services’ work.

The Charities Sector Group also provides feedback on the work Charities Services is doing. When we plan changes to our policies or processes, we test these with the Group.


The Charities Sector Group charter outlines the purpose of the Sector Group and how the group will operate. The charter also includes the Sector Group’s values: transparent, integrity, inclusive and relational.

You can view the Charities Sector Group charter here. [PDF, 208 KB]

Membership and contact

We encourage you to contact the Charities Sector Group with any issues or ideas you would like the Group to raise with Charities Services. You can contact the Charities Sector Group by emailing the Group’s Co-Chairs.

 The Sector Co-Chair is re-elected every year.

The membership of the Charities Sector Group also includes representatives and stakeholders from a range of diverse backgrounds relevant to charities.

Core membership of the Sector Group includes representatives from:

  • Charity Law Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Hui E! Community Aotearoa
  • NZ Navigator Trust
  • Philanthropy New Zealand
  • Volunteering New Zealand

Sector Group meetings and reports 

The Charities Sector Group meets about two to three times a year. A Sector Group Report is released after each meeting to communicate the main points of discussion from each meeting. You can read the reports from each meeting below.